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MySQL error!

MySQL server has gone away(Errno=2006)

Your query: Session::dbsave()

UPDATE evo_sessions SET
        sess_hitcount = sess_hitcount + 1,
        sess_lastseen = '2018-06-21 06:06:49',
        sess_data = 'a:1:{s:23:\"crumb_latest_newmessage\";a:2:{i:0;N;i:1;s:43:\"OXPEYVPAfIY6eoC2HIm8p5TqDZeP2npa-1529561209\";}}',
        sess_ipaddress = '',
        sess_key = 'oZXwkTLLS00KJ36JGhn0GBJnV1WLwlmt'
 WHERE sess_ID = 41770