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by AK on December 23rd, 2010
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…and that’s how it’s going to stay. No big-label features, no 5-star, red-pepper rating system, and no social media gimmicks or radio station widgets. Just albums full of inspired tracks that are almost everything they were meant to be- almost.  [Credit to W. Faulkner for the terminology]

I have this thing for music and I know I’m not alone. But I have found that listening alone can be a somewhat lonely experience.

So rather than continue to waste time and money on high-profile, mediocre efforts while waiting to stumble upon those contributions that we eventually (and remorsefully) retire for no other reason than to preserve the sanity of our live-in loved ones, I propose we share. We stop hoarding the music we love for fear that someone else won’t treat it with the respect it deserves, and we break anchor in search of others who share of our auditory inclinations.

Every month we’ll bare our now-defunct disc-changers and share a few breakthroughs, favorites, surprises, and even a guilty pleasure or two. The music doesn’t have to be brand new- it’s just gotta be stuff we like. And we won’t necessarily be reviewing new albums as soon as they’re released; sometimes an album has to marinate before one can appreciate its consonance of flavors.

Our goal is draw attention to musical achievements of merit, at a pace that won’t overwhelm us or make you want to silence your i-things. We hope to build a reputation for reliability among a specific community of like-minded listeners.

Join us. Or just listen.

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